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Tim Hodgkinson: The Glow and Zig-Zag

AUDIO (5:51),
29 May 2011

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Tim Hodgkinson The Glow and Zig-Zag

Michael Thompson horn

The Glow and Zig-Zag is a London Sinfonietta commission generated through the London Sinfonietta's Writing the Future scheme..

Writing the Future is generously supported by the Boltini Trust, The John S Cohen Foundation, Anthony Mackintosh and Michael & Patricia McLaren-Turner.

Paul Klee used to drink there. I was a frequent visitor myself in the spiralling spring of 2011. Mr Zeeman also came in. I called him Mr Zee, but his real name was Zeeman. You can visit his website and learn how to screw dumb saps all over the world, buying and selling garbage-points on the Big Zig. Timing is everything. Most days I was lost in a cloud of numbers. I called it the Glow. I was mapping the proportions of movement onto the proportions of perception. Well, that's how it seemed at the time. I had a hunch that a single equation was underpinning the whole human thing, like, the shapes of movement at one end and the shapes of perception at the other and a cloud of numbers in between. I couldn't quite track it down. Around the end of April I'd more or less decided that that part of my life was finished. I paid a last visit, nursed a stiff rye at the end table and listened back. Hot damn, if something wasn't still missing and I couldn't put my finger on it! Seems like with this human thing there's always somewhere further to go.

Programme note © Tim Hodgkinson

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