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Julian Anderson: The Comedy of Change

AUDIO (25:14),
31 March 2010

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Julian Anderson: The Comedy of Change

Oliver Knussen conductor

The Comedy of Change was inspired by the notions of change in nature, as memorably observed and described by Charles Darwin in his classic book The Origin of Species. The various speeds of change you can see in nature - from very slow change in rocks or mountains, to very rapid changes in animals and man - inspired me to write a set of seven movements which are highly contrasted in sound, musical character, scoring, harmony and melodic lines. There is some use of instruments tuned one quarter-tone lower than the rest of the group, which gives a particular colour to the harmony in some movements. Movements 1-6 are very contrasted in every way; but movement 7, as the finale to the work, combines many different speeds and musical characters at once. The Comedy of Change was created both for performance as a concert work for the Asko Ensemble in Amsterdam, and for choreographer Mark Baldwin, who staged it with Rambert Dance Company as a ballet with the same title. The work was commissioned jointly by the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, and the Rambert Dance Company with funds provided by the Drummond Fund. It is dedicated to my friend the composer and conductor Richard Baker.'
Julian Anderson, 2010

The Comedy of Change is streamed by kind permission of Faber Music Ltd.