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Cezary Duchnowski: 151,242,333

AUDIO (13:02),
1 May 2012

London Sinfonietta Music Streams: complete recordings from live performances exclusively for listening to online.

Cezary Duchnowski 151,242,333

David Alberman violin
Tim Gill cello
Sound Intermedia electronics

Cezary Duchnowski's 151,242,333 was commissioned by the London Sinfonietta, with generous support from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polska Music Programme.

This is a recording of the world premiere, captured live in concert at Sonic Explorations, Kings Place on Thursday 20 October 2011.

This work use special tools for algorithmic composition created by composer in max/msp. The tools helped to prepare original pitch and rhythm system for this composition. The main rules descend from 3 lists of numbers included in the tittle. In this way there are 96 modes in the composition. They are presented with an assigned expression in short movements. I have found that in this context mathematics is the most poetical and abstract inspiration for composition. Music is emotive when it is devoid of non-musical contents.

© Cezary Duchnowski