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Agata Zubel: Shades of Ice

AUDIO (11:08),
1 April 2012

London Sinfonietta Music Streams: complete recordings from live performances exclusively for listening to online.

Agata Zubel Shades of Ice

Mark van de Wiel bass clarinet
Tim Gill cello
Sound Intermedia sound projection

Agata Zubel's Shades of Ice was commissioned by the London Sinfonietta, with generous support from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polska Music Programme.

This is a recording of the world premiere, captured live in concert at Sonic Explorations, Kings Place on Thursday 20 October 2011.

"With an area of 8.5 thousand square km, Vatnajökull takes up one twelfth of Iceland, and its ice cap is up to 1 km thick. This is the world's largest glacier this side of the polar circle. Its ice volume is larger than the aggregate volume of all the European glaciers.
When Vatnajökull begins to breed, it fills the lake called Jökulsárlón with small icebergs. The landscape on the surface of the ice cap is far from monotonous - it is speckled with ragged ridges, with crevasses, with a whole palette of colours from dirty black to crystalline "icy" blue.

Typical of the Icelandic landscape are also the roaring waterfalls appearing where rivers flow out of the glaciers. Geologists have found evidence of at least two catastrophic glacial floods in the valley of the Jökulsá River since the end of the last ice age. During those periods, at least 400 thousand cubic metres of water flowed down the valley every second - more than three times the maximum volume of flow in the Amazon."

From The Insight Guide to Iceland