AUDIO (3:01),
28 January 2009

Recorded at the Carter/Woolrich concert, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 28 January 2009.

AUDIO (3:17),
13 December 2008

Lylat was commissioned as a Sinfonietta Short - download the score to perform along with this recorded tape part!

AUDIO (25:14),
31 March 2010

Listen to a live recording of The Comedy of Change from 31 March 2010

Slide of image for Richard Causton's Dark Processional
AUDIO (6:50),
16 October 2010

Listen to a live recording of Dark Processional from 16 October 2010

AUDIO (9:56),
15 October 2010

The British-born, New-York-based Anna Clyne takes Britten’s A Hymn to the Virgin back to its “simplest pure form - an acoustic arrangement, staying almost entirely true to the source”.

AUDIO (9:52),
14 July 2010

Listen to this exclusive recording of Dai's piece for solo trombone and electronics, masterfully played by LS Principals Byron Fulcher and Sound Intermedia.

1 May 2010

Listen to a live recording of "a discordant, but strangely beautiful, experiment from the outer fringes of pop"

Naomi Pinnock's Words
AUDIO (11:58),
18 January 2011

Words is the result of Naomi Pinnock taking part in the London Sinfonietta's Blue Touch Paper programme, and this live recording is streamed in full exclusively on the London Sinfonietta website.

A jpg for the Music Stream of Gerald Barry's Feldman's Sixpenny Editions
AUDIO (19:23),
10 March 2011

Listen to the world premiere of Gerald Barry's Feldman's Sixpenny Editions: a 21st century take on the popular music from the 19th/early 20th century published in London's The Strand

Slide of image for The Glow and Zig-Zag
AUDIO (5:51),
29 May 2011

Listen to a live recording of The Glow and Zig-Zag from 29 May 2011